Second Day

So far London is … interesting. Yesterday I got through immigration and customs easily enough (though the immigration officer was displeased at my confusion) I traveled the underground to London at which point I got lost (on the streets) for the first time. The underground is very easy actually, but after that things get quite confusing. After finding my hostel I went to find the Globe so I would know the way the next day. I proceeded to get lost for about 2 hours and then on my way back got lost again trying to find my hostel again. The problem is there are very few street signs and most of the buildings in one borough look the same.

Today I got up to pick up my tickets at the Globe and found my way relatively easily after figuring out how to get an oyster card. Now that I’ve eaten a fresh lunch from a small M&S shop I have 4 hours until my event starts after which I have the performance of Love’s Labor’s Lost in British Sign Language. So caffeine and then finding my way around some more.


2 thoughts on “Second Day

  1. looks like you are settling into the scene in London. A few wrong turns and you figured it out. Smart girl !! But I already knew that. Love you lots, Nana

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