6th day and sorry for not posting

I can’t believe today is day 6. Especially since I have written so little thus far. But it is and I do have notes on the other plays I have seen – The Taming of the Shrew (wonderful – tied with Antony and Cleopatra for my favorite), The Winter’s Tale (hated that version), All’s Well that Ends Well (well done) and Antony and Cleopatra. The Taming of the Shrew I was in pain for so I’m not sure how much that colored my ability to pay strict attention, but Antony and Cleopatra last night flew by. It was so difficult to read this semester, but it was just so compelling on stage I couldn’t believe it was over so soon. Whereas with this version of the Winter’s Tale (done in African tradition in the Yoruba language) seemingly ticked by second by second by second. Oh and the Taming was done in Urdu – the official language of Pakistan, All’s Well was in Gujanti – an/the? Indian language, and Antony and Cleo was in Turkish.

            Other than that, I’ve been getting lost a lot less though my method of finding something to do involves getting on the underground and just getting off where I think there will be stuff. That’s how I found the West End one night – beautiful!!! And there I had my first fish and chips in England, found a store called M&M World – four floors of chocolately good stuff, found out Warhorse is still playing, and found an entire store dedicated to Haggen Daas. Which had a line 30 or so people, out the door! Then next day I went to see an ornamental metal flower garden in honor of the Queen’s birthday – 15,000 roses. And accidentally went to the wrong garden – instead of Chiswick Garden it was Covent Garden Market. Whoops! Very cool craft stuff (found some Mother’s and Father’s Day presents J) but not the garden and later I fell asleep so I missed the roses… But there is still a lot of stuff going on for the Queen and to celebrate the Olympics coming – the torch is in Wales but is coming this way!

            Later I think I will tell you all about Big Ben – and whatever I decide to do today! A museum, a famous street, a garden – oh the options. And then I have the Merchant of Venice in Hebrew at the globe.


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