The British National Museum

is amazing, and wonderful and thanks to Dr. Toumazou for teaching a wonderful course in Greek Art and Architecture. I found the Greek section (beginning with Cyclades and Mycenae) and was enthralled, not only because I had some knowledge, but more because I was able to recognize styles, techniques, shapes – all without looking at the tags. And I was able to find pieces that had been listed in the book. It’s a really fun experience to read about something and then see it in person. It somehow means something more than it did before and it’s actually exciting to be able to recognize. I feel like I learned something from my very expensive education!

Before I knew it 2 hours had passed and I hadn’t even gotten through half the exhibits on Greece – and then I came to the Nereid Monument. It is beautiful (and very well installed). The size and intricacy of the monument can be very moving. It’s worth just sitting down to stare at. And I did.

Until I got very hungry and left for lunch (I have sushi everyday – it’s great). But I am going back. To the monument and the rest of the rooms – I didn’t even get to the Parthenon!



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