Merchant Take Two

Last night’s performance was really good. Louder protesters to begin with outside the theater. Not as many protesters inside – but they were louder. Still, whether the Israeli settlements are ok or not, this is not the right place. It really would worry me had the show not gone on – as much as protesters say they disagree with Habima because they play in the settlements I’ve read some comments that say they want all Israeli companies silenced. – such as the philharmonica orchestra which has not performed there, but has been protested. Still I hung in the back instead of joining the crowd because I did not want to get involved. And I was pleasantly surprised when the crowd shushed the protesters almost as a whole.

Habima did a wonderful job of expressing an anti-semitic play – they really show the ill treatment of Shylock in a way that Shakespeare would not have. Though I don’t believe we should be unduly harsh with him – at the time he was writing Jews were looked down on and discriminated against in England as a whole and Europe as well. It’s a difficult truth, but there it is.

I haven’t decided what I’m going to do today – I’m still kind of sleepy since I went for dinner after the show (before the show I was running late, got off at the wrong stop, and got to the theater at 7:30 exactly – which is 2:30 for everyone at home) But it was a great dinner at a little Italian place – very authentic and very nice people. Especially given I could barely talk to them – I nearly lost my voice because I got sick. I think perhaps a new famous street – they are very fun. And very tiring… 

Picture is a poster from the London 1948 Olympics. Past and future (2012) Olympic medals are featured in the British National Museum right now. It’s very interesting history of the progression and the making of.Image


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