Timon of Athens

You know what’s funnier than a naked man running around stage eating dirt? The same man after he has been swaddled in a white dress shirt by another character and then given a megaphone by a different character. He proceeds to act like an announcer on a game show with one butt check hanging out and talks about how humans are like beasts – this is as other characters come on stage in different masks but all in suits and act like the animal they wear. Ok it’s tough to describe, but it was hilarious. Oh and this was all in German. As uptight as they are supposed to be, this theater company did a great job at expressing crazy – from the naked Timon to the greedy lords as they search the forest for gold to the laughing clown who alternated between English and German both in and out of the megaphone (and playing a string instrument spectacularly badly). I couldn’t get into the first act, but the second was wonderful. The theatricality that began in the first act seemed to clash with the plot but in the second the acting talent came through and incorporated very well. And in case anyone is wondering. Yes I completely missed the signs that said “This play has full male nudity” and the one about a loud gunshot (unfortunately that awesome clown – dies.) Whoops.

Oh and one other awesome thing. There is a chain “fast-food” place here that is entirely devoted to cookies! So now I’m going to go get one because I’m hungry.


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