Wicked and Hamlet

Well here are two plays light years apart. Despite hearing good reviews from other patrons, I still didn’t like the Lithuanian Hamlet. There was a lot of throwing of stuff and yelling. Besides Lithuanian seems to always sound like demonic chanting – which it could be argued is perfect for this play. But I didn’t enjoy it. Ophelia’s suicide seemed like a murder the way it was put on and the fight seen with Hamlet and her brother wasn’t even a fight. Just swishing of swords at each other until they both fell over. Clearly there was talent in some of these actors, but overall I was unimpressed. Besides that it was raining (and the globe is open) so I was wet, cold, and plenty miserable anyway so I may have been more interested otherwise. But I doubt it.

Wicked on the other hand was absolutely brilliant. Walked around London before the show. Had lunch with another American and then was nearly late to the performance. Theaters are so prevalent that finding just one can be difficult. Especially with bad directions. Anyways the production has been going on for some time in the same theater so they have a wonderful, elaborate set and even the ceiling has been modified for the show. The singing and acting was wonderful (and the dancing). The best part was that I finally got to see all the parts in between the singing – because I already knew that and had seen some videos of it. On a side note their concessions are on a cart labeled Sweeties (that’s what they call candy here) and you pick a size cup and tell them what you want in it. They pull different candies from glass jars – it looks like something from the 50’s. I wasn’t actually crazy about the selection, but I was starving and it was all part of the experience.


4 thoughts on “Wicked and Hamlet

  1. The sets look absolutely enchanting! It must be quite nice to be able to see these productions in what seems to be small theaters, and that allows you to be more up close and personal with it. Have you been able to see any of the behind the scenes action at all yet?

    • This actually wasn’t that small of a theater. I was in row ZA of the first floor of two. and there are about 50 seats wide or so. The globe is set up much differently – there is sometimes actual audience participation. But nothing like some of the huge theaters I’m sure. I start backstage this week

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