On To Stratford

So since this was my first time on a train I thought I would post a bit about it. These pictures are the rolling hills in England – they do exist! The cool thing about a lot of English towns is that they are set among the vegetation rather than leveling everything and then building. Absolutely beautiful and I’m pretty sure I saw a castle! But it was too far away to get a good picture. Then is a typically train station and the actual seats – really quite a lot of room even in coach. So after 3 short hours I was in Stratford. Lost. Yet again but this time with a very heavy bag. It took me at least 45 minutes to get to the guesthouse but it is worth it. I have my own room again. It is really very sweet. I can hang up clothes and use drawers to organize. Wonderful. Plus it has it’s own tea set (and tv but not like I have the time for that). Oh and English tea is so much better than American. I’ve heard that but it is so true. And those same people were right that tea is very good with milk. Then when I got up from a nap I went to a Jubilee party held just downstairs. The woman is a British loyalist and her husband is an American military man. Very interesting couple. Plus the husband’s family was here from upstate NY – Albany to be precise. It was fun. They taught me how to eat sponge cake and English scones properly. I like the cake and scones but I really don’t afternoon sandwiches. Kinda icky. It’s really nice that the people who run the guesthouse are very attentive. I get homemade breakfast in the morning and the husband sometimes checks up on me. They have had students before so I think it’s normal and I’m liking the personal touch. Tomorrow I will post more about Stratford itself. I have been busy checking it out the last couple days. And tonight I saw a wonderful version of King John. Absolutely brilliant.


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