Drinks and a Show “This Was Your Life”

So I finally went to a pub! Can’t believe it took me so long to get there. No wait. I’ve been to a pub my bad. However, I have not yet been into a pub to have drinks. But a couple days ago that all changed when a comedy group was performing “This Was Your Life.” So I went down to check it out with a local. Discovered once again (by tasting his) that I really don’t think I have it in me to be a beer drinker – it’s very normal here and I might fit in better with the locals in London, but I just don’t think I can do it. I do however recommend an 80’s Casual Breeze (to all those over the legal age of course! – it’s 18 here).

So on to the show. We had to go out back through the patio/courtyard and into another building (not a sketchy deal promise). 6 pounds to get in and then off we gooooo! I say that because this was a show by 3 people and an actual sound tech (two of them played a techie at a couple points) who played roles including show techies, the host of a tv show, the producer, the “contestant”, the contestant’s girlfriend, Fiona, fling Mimi, Mimi’s back-up dancers, mother, 3 different friends, grandfather, two members of the audience during a commercial break, at one point one even was an actor wanting to do sound check and really excited when he got too – which turned out to be part of the show – a singing and dance number actually, maybe more. It was a crazy energy filled – hour. I can’t believe they did everything they did in an hour. But it was set up as a tv show – a show with a show! Metatheatre/metadrama for those of you who don’t know – they actually has a name. Learned that this year in Shakespeare class.

Ok so it was the three actors – one girl, two boys who played various roles – some cross dressing, most not. The whole thing revolved around whether one guy should go to heaven or hell on a show called “This Was Your Life.” Goes through how he died and what wrongs he did throughout life – it was clearly biased as was played upon by a couple of the characters (the main guy protested it… etc…) But in the end he gets his final plea and of course we voted (with lamented cards they gave us before the show started) to send him to heaven. I know this review is a little all over the place but the show was a little all over the place. There was singing, dancing, acting, the performers really did have talent to carry such a crazy show. And this is just the first leg of their tour so I’m sure they will do well even though not a lot of people were there. I hope they get bigger audiences in the future. There was more talent in some places than others – like it was weird to see the straight guy try to do a stripper dance (he was one of the back-ups to Mimi (played by the gay guy in drag – this isn’t met to be a stereotype either, trust me. That guy was gay.) while the girl really didn’t have a strong voice which is tough when she had a fully solo song – but she got through it on key at least. The dance/singing numbers were actually really good in general – they added a lot to the show and one of the best parts was that this was all completely original.


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