Richard III

Back in stratford – I left a few days ago – I went to a production of Richard the third. Which was both very good and very bad. It’s a very long drawn out play and I was very tired at the time so it can be tough to sit through. I did have a good seat however and the acting was quite good. It can be a tough plot to follow if you are not familiar with it. I only knew the basic that Richard wanted to be king and killed a lot of people to get there and stay there. He also did weird things like try to marry his niece after having his two nephews murdered and tried to get the mother of all three to help him woe her very young daughter – this is also after his wife (previously the wife of a man he murdered) dies mysteriously. Interestingly the woman was the same as the one who played “the bastard” in King John. Great to see her (and many others in the company) in different roles. I’m going to go back and see “A Soldier in Every Son” which features a man who was a minor character in Richard III and clearly very talented. It is a piece commissioned by the RSC for their theater festival this year and includes Aztec actors but I believe is performed in English – hopefully for I do not speak Spanish of any sort.


One thought on “Richard III

  1. Where did you have to go to see Richard III ? I have a map of England and like to see where you are going. Kinda like a trip to England through you. 🙂 ❤

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