Warwick Castle

Warwick Castle – great place to visit and I got there really cheap too. First thing to know it is not pronounced War-Wick castle instead English people say War-Rick castle. Weird right?

Warwick castle – pronounced

It was a quick (and cheap) train ride over to the Warwick station and after getting a bit lost I made my way over to the Castle. It’s really quite a wonderful experience especially not expecting something like multiple peacocks strutting around. And I did at one point end up between a male and female so had a male bristling at me which was quite freaky while not expecting it. Though it did make for some wonderful pictures. They wander out of the peacock garden quite often apparently.

I started off with the Secrets of the Castle exhibit which goes through the house part of the castle with wax figures some of whom talk and some have written descriptions. It discusses the secret lives/affairs of the various occupants and guests particularly the Duchess of Warwick’s indiscretions. She had two children from two men not her husband as well as a lengthy affair with the Prince. And yet her husband always (supposedly) remained faithful. “What a guy.” Anybody get that reference? Anyways it was also interesting to see her transformation to a liberal woman who donated time to causes of the working class.

Beyond that there is then the Kingmaker exhibit which goes through getting ready for the battle against an Edward for King Henry (who was dethroned by Edward). Also wax figures but more grungy rather than elaborate wealth. And found out that the Earl of Warwick dies in the battle, but I don’t know what happened to the castle after that.

I then wandered down to the Mill and Engine house. I was only semi-interested in the progression of power to the house (water wheel to batteries/light bulbs/electricity). Not particularly exciting and the exhibit itself nearly feels unstable with the wooden boards out over the river Avon (which is the same river in my pictures from Stratford-upon-Avon which I will post later on).

There were two bird shows actually with different birds and thankfully I was able to get some nice pictures of the birds in flight. They really were quite beautiful especially the owl. Interesting fact – these birds really aren’t used to having to fly so it is a great effort for them – one they only participate in because they want the treat at the end. I learned quite a bit about the history of eagles around – they nearly died out in Scotland but being reintroduced is going quite well. And by died out I mean due to being hunted so much.

Between bird shows I went to visit the Rose Garden which I must admit was a bit of a disappointment. I was expecting it to be bigger and more in bloom, but that may be my misunderstanding of roses in bloom. Still it was well set up and the roses in bloom were quite beautiful.

The best part was the climb to the battlements. Some of the stairs were terrifying because they were so degraded looking, small, and all enclosed. Still the views are wonderful and I took lots of semi-aerial pictures. There are a few others from the top of the Mound which is a separate bit you climb to the top of. I don’t remember what it’s purpose is. The murder holes and arrow slits are from the Tower climb. They are very nasty things, but very useful for the defense of the castle.


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