After Warwick Castle – Collegiate Church of St. Mary

After I got out of Warwick Castle I had some free time until my train so I walked around town and ended up going into St. Mary’s. I was very beautiful and one interesting item was the tomb for the young child as I had seen armour made for the same child earlier in the great hall of the Castle. But no I can’t remember who the chidl was only that he had royal family. Other than that there are just pictures of different places in the church including all the ornate pieces.

One more thing: Look at picture 3. Comfortable chairs in a Catholic church! I was amused by that though I guess I probably shouldn’t assume that it’s Catholic. I don’t think Anglican’s have cathedrals but I could be completely wrong about that. I do know there were nuns and a couple of “fathers” and I didn’t think Anglican’s had those either. I’m planning to visit Westminster Abbey (the inside) sometime as well so I shall see if there is a similar layout.


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