Taming of the Shrew

I would have enjoyed this show much more had it not been the matinee showing with a bunch of school kids there. I don’t know why a school would think it’s a good idea to send young boys to a Shakespearean show to stand for three hours. Even liking the show I can find it hard to be on my feet that long in one place. They obviously had pent up energy and it could be very distracting. (Yes these really are school kids and no I don’t know why they are still in school, but I often see groups of students in uniform even in early July).

All of that is beside the point of the show, a very well done version of Taming which I did not know was such a long play. All the scenes seem necessary for the play to be what it is but it still always seems long. I’m honestly not sure at this point if I prefer Taming or Much Ado. The role of Katherine is just so wonderful in Taming that I lean toward that so much more. I understand why people – especially in our era – prefer the second but really I do love what they do with her character. In this Katherine was able to really explore her role by actually kicking and screaming. And it seemed like she had fun doing it.

The pictures are of posters inside the globe lobby.


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