Mama Mia

I just about died laughing at the end. These older ladies all got to their feet and danced. Hell, even some of their husbands were dancing. I nearly got taken out by the woman next to me. She sang along through the entire show and when it was finished she jumped to her feet for the concert part of the show and really danced. I think I nearly got a black eye a couple times from her waving elbows. But I dodged and made it out sans bruising.

It was tough to compare to the movie though. The voices really did come through at some points though some were not as strong as I would have liked to hear, but that may have been the way the music was written. Still, my favoire part was well done – “Does your mother know?” Young white kid who hits on one of the older ladies by dancing (in this version) – dancing very well and ends up exhausted at her feet at which point she shows off her skills and leaves with great class. Didn’t like that Skye and the main girl character are portrayed (intentionally or not) as less than totally intelligent. Mostly I think this is a show that appeals to a certain generation/type of people. People who already listen to this music, but despite reviews to the opposite I doubt many other people are going to fall in love with this. Some people may discover they like the music, but unless you already like it (or your spouse does) then you are not going to be going in the first place. Still I enjoy the music to a point and it was nice to see the show. I think it really has great potential to reach out and capture people. It’s great to give theater to people who may have not connected before.


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