Noises Off

I was particularly interested to see this show when I heard about it because it a play based on what happens behind the scenes of a show from the rehearsal to the last leg of a tour. Starts off a little shaky (the show within a show) because people are forgetting lines and props, one character is missing… but it really was great. It was so funny and, not that it was really normal, it was a good take on what could happen that the audience doesn’t see. Of course this was pushed out of control by relationships (illicit) between the characters and accidents often caused by those relationships plus general mix-ups. It was clearly well rehearsed, however, there is no other way the show could have been pulled off so well. I absolutely recommend this to anyone who wants a staged comedy show. It was so wonderful with all the choreographed craziness, but it didn’t feel super staged. The actors made it feel real and I was really impressed by that. The time just flew by through the show and I felt like I wanted it to keep going. Actually I was quite surprised that I was so engaged with the characters in such a short time, but I did really wonder and want to know how everything turned out for all of them (since it does have a somewhat open ending). And my favorite character was the carpenter/stagehand/replacement actor. He was so great in the character and while I do want to be a stagehand I really hope to never be the only one (and the understudy for a role) for a show. It was no wonder he was clearly losing his sanity by the end of the “tour.”


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