Very different than London. More “old school” all mostly looks the same but there are some bits that are modern – kind of like stepping back into time – but with Café Nero. Had my 1st Yorkshire Pudding (found one that did vegetarian sausages and gravy) – it was ok nicely filling but not hugely expensive – found it in a tavern called “Cask of Arms” right near the hostel (and Castle!) Seriously if I stayed on the other side the view from my window would have been a castle! As it is when I got up in the morning I walked out and it was right across the road. Anyways while having my pudding (which means dessert here normally but not when it’s Yorkshire for dinner) I had one of those moments where you realize where you are and had a bit of a – positive – freak-out moment in my head. It is really exciting being here and those who tell you that you get used to it and it’s no big deal are lying or crazy. It is a big deal and while you do get used to it sometimes it hits you where you have been, where you are, how amazing it is to be there.

The pictures were taken all three days and then some will come with the next post from the second and third day.


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