Kensington Palace and Gardens

I headed over here one day instead of trying to jostle the crowd to see a bit of the crossing of the guard ceremony and I’m quite glad I did. I was able to see 5 of Princess Diana’s iconic dresses – though I wasn’t able to take pictures. They were some really beautiful ball gowns and it was a nice alternative to paying to see only dresses at the special V&A exhibit. (though you do of course have to pay to see the palace). Still there was so much to see there I’m really glad I did. There are pictures from the Diamond Jubilee exhibit – honoring the current queen but focused on Queen Victoria – the first queen to reach a Diamond Jubilee (60 years on the throne), Victoria Revealed which narrates her life as a child, through her romance with Prince Albert, her first day as queen, and the time after Albert dies, the Queen’s Rooms and the King’s Rooms though there are very few of these parts of the palace. They just aren’t as interesting to post. There are also some pictures at the beginning and end of Kensington Gardens


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