Phantom of the Opera at Her Majesty’s Theater

I was very interested to see both Her Majesty’s Theater and the Queen’s Theater (Les Mis which came later) for the theaters themselves. Phantom  was everything I wanted and more. It had all the elements I expected, but those extra pieces that aren’t in the movie and aren’t on the soundtrack (I have the movie one not the on-stage musical) are great to see live. I loved the piece with the chandelier (s) but I wish I had a different seat for that part. And it would have been nice to be in that spot so you could be closer to the action in general. However, I really did have a good spot and I was impressed with the performance. I was only wowed by Wicked and Les Mis before because there were so many elements I wasn’t expecting. And because I went through my “phantom-phase” a few years ago. I think it would have meant more to see it when I was in the throes of obsession with the story/characters. Other parts of the effects were perfectly done for the show. They were good but not overpowering for the talent on stage and the story line either (like Starlight Express was).

The acting was great, a few things about it – it was odd to see a really young Christine only because the movie cast an older one, but I think it fit with the story line. Honestly, I think both work just in different ways and preferring one or the other completely comes to personal preference and I haven’t made up my mind yet. The other thing was the odd voice of the phantom and I believe this is the same effect. You could prefer one or the other, but it would be a personal preference. To me the voice of the phantom was more appropriate by Gerard Butler (movie).


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